Window Tinting


The quality of Solar Gard are specially made films that will protect your automobile, residence, and business. The films will keep everything cool and your home and business energy efficient. We use the highest level of protection you can find.

Films we use

Our films are available in a variety of colors, shades, and brands to satisfy your needs. You can choose from Infinity OP, High Performance Smoke, Charcoal and True Grey or, all metal film, or our Classic non-reflective charcoal and grey films.

What Sets Us Apart

San Diego Mobile Window tinting believes in customer satisfaction. We care about the quality of tinting your automobile’s windows. That is why we will accommodate your own personal style. Tell us what you want and we will provide.

Mobile Service
No waiting in a shop. We come to you!

Panel Removal
We will remove the door panel when doing the side windows of the car, truck, van or SUV to ensure the best tint application.

Tint Shades
One Piece Rear Window- We tint the rear window in one piece, unlike other tinters who tint it in several pieces.

Tints to Top / Shaves
We tint and shave your roll-up windows to the top to ensure that clean factory look.

Factory Trained
All of our tinters are factory trained and certified and have many years of experience.

Mobile Window Tinting

I was hesitant to have another window tint put onto a new car I had purchased after having received poor tints in past years. When I saw Juvenal’s work, I knew that he was the man to go to. His prices were very reasonable considering the quality of work and I have continued to use and refer him since. Not once has my tint peeled, cracked, bubbled, or turned a nasty purple tone. I have personally had him perform 3 tints and each one came out perfectly. If quality is your primary concern, then he is the perfect window tinter. I’ve seen and purchased less expensive tints, but the aggravation of having to look at your car with tarnished window tints is terrible. The difference is well worth the price for me and many others that cherish their car. Don’t you agree?